Love List

1- Carly’s new puppy – Teddy. The only approrpriate reaction is this. You can follow him on Instagram¬†¬†@TheodoreFitzpatrick¬†because what is better than cuteness in your feed?!

Chop&Central - Nov 8th Love List

2- My new wall decorations. Am I allowed to put something I made on my Love List? Yup. I will be posting a tutorial on how I made the state maps and my new throw pillow next week!

3- 20 Something is not the new 30 Something. This is a really inspiring podcast about not letting your 20 somethings “not count”.

4- Dad Captures His Son’s First year, One Second Per Day, and It’s Lovely – oh gosh! if this isn’t just the cutest thing. I didn’t get emotional at all watching this ( pure sarcasm. It is the sweetest thing since Dear Sophie!)

5 – Lilly’s birthday!! And they’re flipping the script and giving out gifts!


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